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  1. Hi Sir, I am preparing for ISRO.
    My scores are as follows:
    1) 83.6 % in 10th
    2) 80.8% in 12th
    3) 8.27 CGPA in B.Tech

    as they are considering academic performance, so I would like to know if my marks are good enough for both written and Interview?
    Are they asking about the projects that we are doing in IT company(in infosys) or about 4th yr B.Tech Projects?(FYI,I am doing support Project(which is baseless))?
    As my exam is on May 24, so could you please tell me the number of hours I should put on for clearing written test and what are the subjects that I should be focussing on?

      1. So far I remember, they have a cut-off criteria of 60% throughout your career. It seems that you are well above the line set.
      2. B.Tech. projects, at least that was what I was asked from. In general, their domain of work does not intersect with that of a typical IT company and probably that’s why they show lack of interest towards your company profile as a developer.
      3. Mileage varies. # of hours you need to put effort is a complex function of your present grasp on the subject, time available at your disposal, your retention abilities, how slow/quick you are as a learner etc. The question you asked is something like how much time it needs to fly from Kolkata to Kerala. It may range from a couple of hours to couple of days depending on what you are travelling by.
      4. Important subjects are, as of my experience, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Networking, Operating System, your B.Tech. project.
  2. Thank you so much Sir.It was really helpful.So how’s your experience in ISRO? is it better than TCS?

  3. I have detailed my experience at ISRO in my other post. Can’t comment whether it’s better than TCS or not, but it’s an ambiance which isn’t possible to experience in an average IT company.

  4. Hello Sir,

    Im a electrical student and so far i ve not gathered much abt my domain @ isro, i ve been searching like the whole day but was nt able to gt hold of much info.
    I really want to get into isro n therefore i wud like to knw the subjects tht i shud concentrate more on to, so far i ve got jus 1 isro qp.Sir it wud be of grt hlp if u cud hlp me get sme isro prev qstn papers.

    pls rly,
    Thank you Sir!

    • For CSE, ECE, ME people, ample resource is there on the job page? itself. But, for EE people, only this one is there. I am afraid that I can’t be of much help for you since I’m not from the same background.

    • No, from the date of advertisement (February 2011) to joining (March 2012), there was a gap of 13 months.

  5. Hi Sir, Didn’t they ask you any personal question during interview, I mean, was it purely technical? How tough was the questions?

  6. Yes, it was mostly technical. They didn’t ask me what is called HR questions.

    Questions were easy to moderate, neither too tough, nor too easy. I’ll try to elaborate my experience in a future post as many people are asking me similar questions.

  7. Sir,
    I will be appearing for ISRO Scientist exam 2014 ,please guide me how should i prepare as i am also currently working in a project and i need to prepare parellely. I will be grateful to you if you could me what material i should study.

  8. Hello dipanjan,

    It’s great to hear from you about your experince with ISRO the most prestigious org in the nation.
    I admire your interest to help the aspirants of isro sc’s.
    I would love to hear from what kind of work i can expect in ISRO even though you have posted in other article Life@ ISRO i need them in specific :-)

    Thank you

    • Which discipline are you from? Have you been selected in ISRO? If so, do you know which centre have you been placed at?

  9. Hello Dipanjan,

    Thanks for your response, have furnished the details you sought :-)

    CSE/selected/ VENUE:

    Jain College
    JGI Knowledge Campus No.44/4, District Fund Road, Jayanagar 9th Block, Near Bangalore Central, Near Big Bazaar, Bangalore – 560069

  10. Hi Gowtham,

    I was under the impression that you have cleared the interview and have been posted to some ISRO centre. Otherwise, it’s difficult for me to predict the kind of work you can expect as it varies a lot from centre to centre. Even not only on centre, but mostly it depends on the division you are being absorbed in.

  11. Hi Gowtham,

    There’s no chance of seeing me at ISRO. I have already resigned last year and joined IIT Madras.

  12. Hello sir, May I know when will the result of written test be declared from the date of exam ?

  13. Sir, if we get into ISRO as an scientist, is there any chance to change our domain..? because am very much interested in the study about cosmology, rather than programming.

  14. Hello sir
    can v start preparaing for gate exam from 2 nd year of BE(IT)……….n in the verge of last year v ll give isro exam………..so is it possible to crack isro………..exam if v ll tke coaching of gate exams……..

    • ISRO exam is no harder than GATE. Even starting preparation from 2nd year is early enough to prepare for either GATE or ISRO, And regarding GATE coaching, I don’t believe in that much. If possible, subscribe for some test package.

  15. Hello Sir,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing your information.
    Secondly can you tell me about the cut off criteria for written tests? so that i can get a rough idea about number of questions i should attempt?
    Thank you in advance :)

  16. Sir, Do you have solutions of the previous year papers? And Secondly does previous year GATE papers can help in this exam?

    Thank you so much for your valuable reply and time.

  17. Sir,
    I am a Computer Science student passionate about joining ISRO.

    Please let me know where the new recruits are posted?
    Also how is this done? Please let me know all the places where Software dev/computer sci students go after getting selected.

    Also the posting procedure.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • 1. Posting of new recruit is vacancy based and totally depends on their discretion
      2. Reading my posts will give you a fair idea of job profile of a Computer Science Student @VSSC/LPSC. Apart from that, ISAC most probably works on image processing related stuffs.
      3. By “posting procedure”, what do you mean?

  18. I meant what are the most probable places where a CS student might go after getting recruited?
    List the places please!!


  19. hello sir….wil u plss sugst me whether i shuld tke coachng clss fr gate frm second yr or thrd yr……n i hv 1 mre doubt…..whethr the BE(IT) studnts….r allwd 2 gve exm of ISRO…becoz i hve rad thr prospector…..acrdng 2 whch only BE(CS)…is allwd….

  20. Sir i will be appearing for isro exam ,electronics next year.I have just passed my B.Tech exam.I am from instrumentation but can not complete my final year projec hardware successfully.I am not sure whether I will clear the exam and will make my way to interview.But if I appear for the interview,how much the incompletion of the project hardware will matter?plz help sir .I am worried about this.

    • Hi Saranee,

      In my case, they asked quite a few questions from my final year project. Generally, it is easier to convince an interviewer towards a solid project rather than “allowing” him to bombard you with difficult questions. Don’t think of it much. After all. all such panels I have seen are highly interviewer dependent. If you are not confident enough about the project, try to stay away. If the topic is raised in course of interview, try to portray it in a positive fashion. Instead of mentioning about in-completion, highlight what you achieved in due time. Also prepare some nice lines in your mind on future scope of the project. Give them an impression that the reason not being able to meet the goal is lack of time but not your lack of ability. Convince or confuse!

  21. Hello Swapnil,

    Whether you require to take coaching classes from second year or third or whether it’s at all required to attend one, these are more of your personal choice than someone else advising you on the same. Personally, I feel there’s nothing which can compensate your earnest, whole hearted effort. I have always experienced good results without attending a regular coaching class. Try to collaborate with your peers and moreover, friends who are academically neither better or worse than you.

    I took ISRO exam in 2011. The advertisement was for CS students only. But, later on I heard that IT students were also allowed to take the exam.

    In general, I’d like to look into this page from Princeton. More specifically, writing in SMS language is discouraged in many public forums as it reflects your lack of interest in the topic and habit of asking for others’ time while you, yourself, being unwilling to spend the same.

    Good luck!

  22. hai sir,

    I am also from cs background and currently working in TCS as similar as like your past :)

    I am passinate abt ISRO so give me the proper suggestions


    till now I didn’t attempt GATE and ISRO written..

    I am 2013 passed out .

    • Hi Jaswanth,

      Your academic background makes you a perfect candidates to work in ISRO. Is there anything specific you want suggestions for?

  23. hai,

    Thanks you for that reply..
    What i want is could you plzz give me some proper guidence on how to crack this job..

    Suggest any kind of materials/books.

    • Hi Jaswanth,

      There is no predefined syllabus as such. Prepare in the same way as that of GATE exam. Follow standard books as well as solving previous years’ GATE paper in a time-bound fashion should help.

  24. Hello sir….i know you are from cs discipline but can you please tell something about the work mechanical engineers are involved in. Also,sir, do such ‘bogus’ divisions exist in/for mechanical discipline too?Thanks.

  25. Hi Sir,
    When will the written test result be out for scientist exam?, it happened on may 24th, 2014 for all branches, this year,
    As far as I see they will first give marks sheet of all candidates, then list of candidates sekected for interview, followed by postal info about interview venue.
    Please tell me rough dates of the above mentions happened during your selection process, thank you.

  26. Sir,
    What is general trend, every year, for most recent years? I want to know whether the interviews will be completed before december or not? Thank you

  27. Hi Chandu,

    So far I can remember, in 2011, I had interview in the third week of November, interview result got published some time in January and joining was in March 2012. I can’t remember the date they published the result of the written test or interview short-list.

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