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  1. Resigning is a better option for a few centers in ISRO.

    People who are selected dont have any option for his interest. He can be posted any where, even stores. More often majority of new engineers will be transporting materials from one center to another and vice versa, Saturday and Sunday will be utilized for their journey.

    Engineers have no Overtime. They have to work even at Saturday and Sunday (usually known as STAYBACK). Engineers will be working more than 8 hrs each day in average. You lunch break is 30mins only. Technical Asst will get 12rs/hour for staying back for the first 8 years, after that no overtime will be paid. For technicians same as Rs 12/hour will be paid as overtime for his entire life time until ISRO raise the sum from 12 rupees.

    You will be forced to carry USB devices even it is illegal. You should carry you pending work and finish it at you home (weekends, holidays etc..) before coming to next working days.

    What will happen if you fail to do the above ?? There is a annual performance report for each person. It contain scores like A++, A+, A, B+, B-, C etc.. Your future depends on these scores which is evaluated by your boss.

    Be frank, People who are very sincere and dedicated to work !! Please don’t join here. If you are sincere, you will be dumped with more and more work until you become lazy fellow. Or you will automatically learn and tune with that culture and by the time your character will be totally ruined.

    At last !! What ever happen in your office will indirectly affect you life (parents,wife,kids..) also…. believe me…

    What ever i have mentioned above is from my true personal experience only and i am over 30yrs now and its hard to get another job now.

  2. Dear sir
    i want to ask that if we are unable to crack gate exam then should we join isro or start doing m.tech as part time with some job of leturer..plz reply….& thnx for such useful information provided here.

    • Joining ISRO, in my opinion, is by far better than joining as a lecturer in some XYZ college. Job itself is prestigious and so is the designation, job profile is good. Let me stress that the post of Scientist/Engineer – SC (‘SC’ stands here for Scientist, Grade C) is a post of Class A gazetted officer. But if someone has other preference, e.g. hometown sickness, alternative future, he/she may think of some other way in that case. Also work pressure is moderate/manageable compared to average IT industry (I have that experience either) so that you can plan your future well. Like I did, you can think of writing GATE once more, too.

  3. @Rajni

    In response to your post below,
    Thnx for the advice sir….but sir what if we join some college like pec in chd for m.tech as they have some seats spare for non gate students. Sir actually the problem is not home sickness it is that if at a longer run you have to join teaching as its a stable job then why not at initial stage & sir do it matters whether we do m.tech as parttime/ regular as we are getting experience of job along with it…of some telecomm company/ teaching in a polytechnic college….

    What I’d like to say is, as far as stability is concerned, a Central Govt. job should not be a headache. I don’t find these part time M.Tech. programs from a non-branded university of much use, personally. But opinions and perspectives of people may vary. If earning money is the sole concern, then B.Tech. and switching jobs across companies followed by an “onsite” is good enough. Unless your M.Tech. neither opens up an opportunity, be it professional or academic, nor gives you a brand, then I consider it as a sheer waste of time, money and energy.

  4. hey, i m selected for scientist/engineer ‘SC’ post from cse, currently i m pursuing my mtech from IIIT hyderabad n i m in 2nd sem right now n have got the joining 7th april, i want to know if u hav any info abt Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), Valiamala, Thiruvananthapuram, i mean what is the nature of work assigned to cse candidates n is it worth leaving mtech n joining ISRO…..thanks in advance :)

  5. Hi Ritika,

    In 2012, two of my friends, Sharmistha and Ritesh joined LPSC’s Computer Division. I don’t have any info about the lady, but Ritesh resigned ISRO last year around the same time I resigned, got an AIR 63 and joined IITK. Naturally, I guess the nature of work, according to him, was not “that” rewarding compared to pursuing M.Tech. @IIT. But, here’s you have one ‘I’ extra. So, the decision may vary. You have to weigh your options on the basis of ISRO’s brand value as compared to M.Tech. @IIIT. The decision depends on what exactly you expect from your employer. Should you need to talk to Ritesh, please let me know.

  6. ok :-) ……there a few questions that i would like to ask about LPSC as i need to be aware about what i would be doing there and as far as m.tech is concerned i am more than happy with IIIT and hence the confusion.It would be great if i can ask few questions from Ritesh….thanks a lot for the timely response :)

  7. Hi Ritika,

    I have mailed you Ritesh’s mail ID and Facebook account’s link to your registered mail ID.

  8. Hi, this is Sayak. I have been selected for the post of Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ in CSE and given posting at ISTRAC, bangalore. Can anybody tell me about the nature of work at istrac for cse people? thanx in advance

  9. Hello Dipanjan, I read your posts on blog, very useful information. I have been selected for the post of Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ in CSE and got posting at Space Application Center (SAC), Ahmedabad. My joining date was 7th April, But I got extension (Because of my internship). I am studying in NITIE, Mumbai (B School ) and from 13th June I will be starting my 2nd year in NITIE. Would you please comment over the kind of work that I may get in SAC. AS I have already completed my 1 year in NITIE, leaving course from half is getting bit difficult for me. Would you please give your opinion over this situation, it would be of great help. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Hi Anita,

      How many days of extension have you been granted? Whether you should be discontinuing MBA@NITIE is hard to comment on. I was at VSSC, so I don’t have much idea about the nature of work at SAC. But I know one of my colleagues who has joined IIT Madras as a sponsored candidate. He is from SAC. If you want, I may try you to connect with him so that you can ask him directly. NITIE being a prestigious institute, my personal opinion is NOT to discontinue your studies. After one year, you’ll be having a degree, think of it. If you are too passionate about ISRO, write the exam next year and crack it once again.

  10. Thanks Dipanjan, I am also thinking about degree and not to leave college. But for reference, If I get your SAC friend’s contact, It would be of great help. Thanks

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